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Frequent moves are part of military life, which can be taxing and stressful. However, settling down and building a new home shouldn’t have to be. Our VA One-Time Close Construction Loan is designed to simplify your home-building journey by combining construction, lot purchase, and permanent mortgage into a single loan.

What is a VA One-Time Close Construction Loan?

A VA One-Time Close Construction Loan offers all the advantages of traditional VA financing like no money down and low interest rates, but is specifically tailored for building a new home. It removes the hassle of multiple closings, saving time and money, ensuring you don’t have to worry about requalifying or additional closing costs.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Single Closing: Save on closing costs and reduce paperwork.
  • No Payments During Construction: Focus on your home without the burden of loan payments.
  • Locked-In Rates: Secure your interest rate from the start of construction.
  • Eligibility: Open to U.S. military, veterans, and surviving spouses with a Certificate of Eligibility.

Who is Eligible?

To qualify for this unique program, you’ll need to meet the VA’s requirements, including service criteria and obtaining a Certificate Of Eligibility. The construction must be handled by a VA-registered builder and a general contractor who carries adequate insurance.

How it Works From Application to Construction

We guide you from the application to the final conversion of your construction loan into a permanent mortgage, including all necessary inspections to ensure compliance with VA standards.

Refinancing and Other Programs

After completion, you may consider refinancing to reduce your interest rates further. Other loan options include FHA 203(k) for major renovations and FHA One-Time Close for alternative construction financing.

FAQs and Resources

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